Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well, Apple finally did it. Looks like a great device. It will be my next cell phone (I just took back the KRZR I had been messing with for a few weeks and went back to my "old" Treo 700 until the iPhone is available). Yes, I know that means I have to switch from Sprint to AT&T (aka Cingular), that the speed of my data access will go down to EDGE speeds, etc., but frankly, I don't care. I've been waiting for a phone with a killer UI like this for a while now (I've been becoming increasingly disappointed in the Treo and in what Palm is doing and looks like they will be doing with it).

Now if they would just come to their senses and make it into a development platform rather than just an isolated device. And I'm not talking about a closed only-our-friends platform like they seem to be doing with iPod games. I'm talking about a document-it-and-provide-tools-in-Xcode platform like they have with the Mac.

If they really want to compete with the Windows Mobiles, Palm Treos, and Blackberries of the world, this seems like an important next step. Now, I don't expect that they'll be fully ready to completely open up development for the iPhone the day it's first released. I expect (well, at least hope) this is something that would incrementally be exposed over time.

So, Apple, start by giving us the ability to at least write widgets with icons that can be accessed from the main menus on the iPhone. And we can go from there.


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